Get Clarity Of Direction On How To Make More Money By Making A Bigger Difference As You Align More Fully To Your Life's Purpose

And Go Global So You Can Survive & Thrive Despite What Happens To The South African Economy!
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Let’s Meet Face-to-Face on ZOOM and Actually Get Stuff Done
In Your Purpose Driven Business!
* very limited seating available in each city*

Saturday 16th September

@ 8:00am to 12noon Johannesburg Time

Only 20 Seats Left...

Join thousands of Global Social Entrepreneurs stepping up and making a big impact as they transform our world

Nicola Grace

The Mission Mentor & Your Mission Mojo Hostess ;-)

Here's How You Can Make A BIG DIFFERENCE Right Now...
I'm on a mission to #impact1millionlives, so when you reserve your seat today, I'll give 1 day's business training to a woman in Africa so she can help raise her family out of poverty.

You get action backed mission driven business training that has you making an impact, plus you contribute to impacting 1 million lives in areas of the world less privileged or resourced than ours.

How Cool Is That?

Finally Get Clarity Of Direction On Your Life's Big Mission, And How To Integrate That Into Your Business, So You Can Make More Money By Making A Bigger Difference As You Build Your Legacy
Here's Just a Sample Of  What You'll Learn, Discover & ACTION!!!!
  •   Find where your mission mojo is so you have clarity of direction for your business or startup;
  •  Discover the real reason you’re here on earth and how to integrate that mission into your business;
  •  Get confirmation of your best path forward that will bring movement and build momentum;
  •  Learn how to structure your monetization model so you earn more by doing less;
  •  Learn what elements of your Purpose need to be present in your offers so everything is in Full Flow;
  •  Find the fastest way to make a global impact, even travel overseas with a business that supports you;
  •  Discover deeper layers of your purpose that increase your impact & magnetism; 
  •  Get the secrets to getting more clients, increase sales and build cashflow using a surprising aspect of your purpose you probably don't even know you have;
  •  Learn what specific tasks you need to focus on to ignite your passion and make the biggest difference; 
  •  And a whole lot more...

Thinking about joining me at a Mission Mojo "Doing & Discovery" day? - These entrepreneurs did - check out what they had to say...
“I had a complete breakthrough and I was thoroughly inspired.”

“Within 4-5 seconds she had my whole mission
open up into my heart.”

“In a short period of time I feel like I have more clarity.”

"She pulled something out of me that I didn't
even know was there.”

“I know really why I’m here now…”

"You'll get more value in 1 hour than you can dream of."
Satisfied participants with clarity on their mission
"Nicola is an amazing speaker. The Mission Mojo workshop was amazing and I got a lot out of it. I got confirmation on my new direction and a few days after magnetised an opportunity to move forward already using the formula she taught us. 

Nicola is very natural and a great truth comes out of her. What I really really liked about the day was that she’s on to it. There’s no mucking around. I thought it was fantastic. I loved it. I seriously recommend this course." 

Melanie Crawford

“I’ve always had a push from within me to pursue my purpose and mission and now I can see ways of carrying that out without having to follow anyone else path. I also got a lot more clarity on how things can be done. The Mission Mojo workshop has given me more hope of finding a way that is more natural to me and not have to fit into something else or someone else model. 

I’d been stuck on getting people to my workshop. So I practiced one of the processes we learned and now I’ve got people calling me enrolling me into the workshop.”

Sue Braithwaite

STOP!  So, What Are These “Mission Mojo” Workshops All About...
And What Do We Actually Get Done in our 4 Hours Together?
You will experience the most enlightening and productive 4 Hours you've EVER spent on your business.  You'll discover more in our 4 Hours together about how you're here to play a bigger game, and how you're supposed to show up in the world, than you have in the last 4 weeks... or you pay nothing!

Discover, Build & Strategise
We'll complete your purpose aligned business blueprint for making a big impact. We're going to take some action on your messaging, your mission statements, your social capital, and super super important - taking action on where your point of expansion is so you actually take the very first step making a big global impact….

A New Way Of Doing Business
We'll focus on getting  clarity and direction on where you need to place yourself in the market, and then take action on getting you there to where you're making a big difference - the main reason we all started our businesses in the first place right?!  :-)

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