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Mojo Up Your Business By Uncovering The Deeper Layers Of Your Purpose So You Can...
Increase Your Magnetism, Experience More Passion & Unleash Your Awesome Impact
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Who Is "Mojo Up Your Business" For?
Professional and Entrepreneurial Women & Men From All Walks Of Life, And From All Parts Of The Globe With ONE Thing In Common...

"You Want A Business That Makes An Impact & Fulfils Your Purpose"
Business Owner
You're a business owner looking for more passion and purpose in your business. You want to make a big difference, leave a legacy, possibly even transition out of your current business and start a new one based on your purpose - Or step up to a higher purpose level to your work.
But you lack clarity and you're worried about whether transition is the right thing to do; whether you'll make enough money living on purpose; and how it will impact your family and finances.
You need a structure and a transition plan.
Just Starting
You're a professional man or woman looking to get out of your job to start a business in alignment with your purpose and mission. You may have no idea where to start or too many ideas and not know which is the best one to follow. Or a mum returning to work.
You lack clarity on your idea; who your niche is or what to offer prospective clients and customers - how much to charge. You may know part of your purpose or not no what your purpose is at all.
You need to start from the beginning to get clear on your business idea and foundation.
You're an entrepreneur, possible even a serial entrepreneur, looking to make a massive global impact. You've heard the call there's something else you're here to do - a mission - and you're eager to just get going with it.
Yet you lack clarity on your idea, or have to many ideas you feel like you're going around in circles inside your head trying to figure it out on your own. You need to figure it out because you know time is precious and it's wizzing by fast.
You need a fast route to making that impact because you don't want to start from scratch all over again.
Coach or Healer
You're a coach or healer wanting to go global and breakthrough that 6 Figure Income + mark. You know part of your purpose is to help others and you know you're destined to make a bigger difference, you just have a lot of unanswered questions.
You may lack clarity on your Higher Purpose, how to monetize so you make more money, how to leverage more, how to communicate your message, who your really here to serve, how you're supposed to show up in the world.
You need clarity on your business model, it's foundation and how you're going to scale.

"I'm Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor and I'm not an MBA, or guru in the old way of doing business. I am, however, a serial social entrepreneur who has a global business that is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs establish and scale social businesses that make a big impact, transform our world and excite its business owners. 

My own journey to search for purpose and fulfil that in a business context has been like an earth quake rictar scale. Obviously I took the hard road to find my Mojo.

Essentially, I learned that Purpose is being taught in a very superficial way which lead me, and many of my new clients, confused without clear direction for how to build a profitable business driven by their purpose and mission. Whether it was their niche they were confused about, their message, what offers to take to market, which direction to scale their business, what programs to create.... There were too many questions left un-answered that lead to confusion and moments of feeling lost and directionless."

I discovered that there are deeper layers within our Life’s Purpose we need to know to not only access our true potential and unique talents and skills, but also to get the clarity of how to structure our business so it fulfils that purpose.

From the niche you’ll prosper in to the messages you deliver and what offers to take to market, these nitty gritty details can give us crystal clear clarity on how to structure our business and get in our unique Mojo Lane where competition can transform into collaboration.

So, if you're sick of the fluff about purpose, vague concepts, and old ways of doing business, and you want a new way of doing business that resonates with your Soul, while allowing you to be authentic feeling excited about your business and the impact you’re going to make ... that's awesome.

You're in the right place and we'll be friends.

You see I was working 70 hours a week thinking I was building a business aligned to my purpose but struggling to make any money, I discovered that building a business aligned to your purpose can’t be done by using any of the business models out there, because that’s like putting a square peg in a round whole.

You’re attempting to squeeze your big Spirit into a model that inherently ignores Spirit and focuses on exchange of money for goods and services for a profit.

Kinda like a big cat trying to squeeze into a small box. 

As a mission driven entrepreneur, you're not going to be content with that equation. YOU NEED MORE - more passion - more social and global impact - more connection to purpose…. 

So your exchange is much bigger than just money for services rendered. Therefore you need a completely different model in order to succeed. 

There’s more to aligning a mission driven business than just going into business and selling stuff… 

When I was starting out in my new mission driven business, off the back of saving a billion dollar industry in 2006, winning an award, fighting cancer and then going bankrupt, I spent three years floundering to build my new life knowing I had to dedicate it to my purpose. But I kept getting mislead by all the waffle and fluff about purpose so it had me focusing on completely the wrong thing and I had the wrong business model, so I struggled to make the big impact and the big money I knew I was capable of. 

Nailing the nitty gritty details of my life’s purpose and mission and aligning it to a new business model I developed out of share tenacity to find the answer and a lot of trial and error, I’ve managed to build a lifestyle business that makes a global impact, is in double 6 figures rapidly scaling to 7 figures. 

I’ve spear-headed 100’s of new social business enterprises, helped hundreds of existing businesses get their Mojo on, and I get to live by the beach in a tropical paradise driving my favourite car. 

After overcoming so many obstacles in life and business, my target is to create a multi-million dollar e-learning business in Mission Mastery Academy that trains social entrepreneurs, changemakers, transformers, visionary leaders, how to work with the Undefeatable Laws of Nature into their business so their missions for change becomes like those laws - Undefeatable. 

In Mojo Up Your Business you’re going to be learning how to integrate the Law of Purpose, Law of Seven, Law of Synergy and Law of Mass Attraction into your business to basically put the Law of Attraction on Steroids. 


Because, my life’s mission is bring about Peace On Earth by teaching people how to live in harmony with the Universal Laws of Nature that govern our physical and metaphysical reality. My business mission is teach you how to succeed in a mission driven business aligned to these laws.   

When you’re unleashing your Mission Mojo and making the big Impact you were born to make, the ripple effect will not only improve people’s lives, it will transform the world and go a long way to create more peace on earth... Hence you're now helping me achieve my mission. 

How's that for collaboration!   

I’m looking forward to getting to know you over the coming days. Now let’s find out what is in that heart soul connection of yours that want’s to be unleashed in the world.  Good. Let's get to work.  

Nicola Grace  Your Mission Mentor
Founder at Mission Mastery Academy

Here's What You're Going To Discover & Implement
Module 1
Purpose Aligned Business Fundamentals
  • Learn the fundamentals of building a purpose aligned business that is highly leveraged and will build your legacy.
  •  Learn how to Align, Monetize, Magnetize your business following the 5 Step Purpose To Profit Formula so so you can make more money by making a bigger difference.
  •  Discover finer distinctions about your life purpose so you can have clear direction as to where to focus injecting your purpose into your business.
  •  You'll learn why you can't use a traditional business model or methods of marketing to create profit in a mission driven business., and what to do instead.
  •  Discover how to Mojo Up Your Business.
Module 2
Passionate Purpose 
  •  Discover where your hidden passion can be found within your purpose, and how to inject into your business to make it more exciting. 
  •  Learn what aspect of your purpose you need to focus on for your products, services, programs and marketing. 
  •  Work through a transformational process that connects you to your Soul Expressions and where you'll make the biggest impact.
  •  Learn how to connect with your Soul's Guidance & Mission Blueprint.
  •  Plus how to tap into your Magnetic Attractor Factor so you can draw to you the clients, customers and resources you need to scale your business.
  •  Implement the Mojo Up your business checklist in your marketing, products, services and business model.
Module 3
Your Magnetic 
Mission Mojo
  •  Learn what makes up your Mission Mojo so you can determine your own Mojo Lane and stand out even the most highly competitive markets.
  •  Discover the real key to aligning your purpose within your business so you're catalyzing the magnetic attractor factor of those nitty gritty details about your purpose.
  •  Learn what elements within your purpose you need to align to so your Mission Mojo is unleashed.
  •  Discover how to tap into the greater creative power you have to create the extraordinary and may a very big impact on a global scale.
  •  Learn what type of niche is best for you to serve and prosper in.
Module 4
Mission Aligned Monetization
  •  Discover a new way to approach monetization so you're set up to thrive in an entirely new market with it's different values and demands.
  •  Learn  how to add "social capital" in the exchange of your products and services to maximize sales, and why this is of paramount importance.
  •  Learn how to use the Law of Mass Attraction to build your authority and draw to you clients, customers and opportunities so you're not working so hard.
  •  Get the formula for how to build your offers so they are highly leveraged.
  •   Learn how to price your offers so you maximize the 80/20 rule - "80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers" - so you're not leaving money on the table.
Module 5
Mission Money & Magnetism
  •  Discover the critical thing you must do if you want to make money in a purpose driven business. 
  •  Learn how to increase your magnetism so you attract the right leads into your business  without working so hard to convert them to paying clients and customers.
  • Learn why making big money by making a difference in the world is not only ethical, it’s critical.
  •  Discover the #1 Big Big Big HUGE mistake 90% of business owners, entrepreneurs and changemakers make that the successful 10% DON’T!!! And how to be in that 10%.
  •  Get the Physics formula that shows you how to easily overcome resistance by doing just 2 types of activities.
Module 6
Pulling It All Together
  •  How to pull the entire Purpose To Profit Formula together so you have a solid foundation for business growth.
  •  Identify which parts of your business model and foundation need to get further aligned to your purpose.
  •  Map out a clear path forward to maximize all you've learned here in Mojo Up Your Business.
  •  Discover the number #1 BIG HUGE PROBLEM that just about everyone get's swamped by moving forward in your Mojo, and how to avoid that.
Hear's What Happy Entrepreneurs Have Said About Infusing Mojo Into Their Business Once They Discovered This Formula
Business Owner Increases Sales


“My business sales have increased over 200%, as well as getting more customer referrals and enquires. I am truly seeing the benefits of this intensive program. I look forward to watching my business grow. I highly recommend Nicola Grace, as her amazing readings and incredible programs are all designed to move you toward successfully growing your own thriving business."

Katea Pullen, Product Developer

Speaker Gets Clarity Of Mission


“Amazing, enlightening and clarifying. I know that I’m on this earth for a mission to really make a massive impact on humanity. In my work with Nicola she just bought me to the true clarification and to my true mission. I know really why I’m here now. I have an amazing mission and vision that I can now articulate really clearly articulate, and I can truely monetise so I can help as many people. I’ve gone on to publish my second book, and am about to speak at an Ivy League University to 126 people! Many thanks for being an inspiration in my life."

Ben Gioia, Motivational Speaker/Trainer

Life Coach Get's Breakthrough


"Discovering my precise mission and niche has made a profound impact in my business.  For a long time I felt stuck.  I knew I was headed in the right direction, but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t having the success that I desired.  Working with Nicola and going through her Missions Blueprint process revealed the missing link for me... Nicola’s process is unlike any I’ve ever done before (and I’ve being in the business of personal growth for almost 20 years). I can’t say enough about the work Nicola does. It’s a no brainer to work with her and it’s well well worth the investment.""

Lisa Engles, Life Coach

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